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Essays: Seeking The Uncertain (Spirituality)

At this very moment, I would prefer to be asleep. Perhaps, sleep would help cease the never-ending thought process. Yet, abiding the fateís cruelty, I am awake against my Will. The only way that could stop me from going insane is by putting an end to Thinking and since that is not happening, letting the thoughts out seems to be the only solace. Hence this writing. It bears no other significance than a venting act.

Essays: Discovering Life?! (Philosophy)
How can LIFE be defined? Can we say - LIFE is the time between the birth and death of a BEING? If so then the existence of a BEING is TIME-bound.

The BEING comes into existence inside a motherís womb, where it is developed and groomed. The first to be developed is the BODY. A seed is sown and it develops into a BODY. The brain being the most vital part, governs all the required functions within the BODY. At this stage the baby is not aware of itís own existence. There is no thought proce...

Essays: ...and the GOD started cribbing! (Humor)

It was a usual day, or rather I should say - end of a usual day. I was about to go to bed. Tired as always and desperate for a good sleep. I switched off the light and just collapsed on the bed.


Turning and tossing for a while and finally laying flat on ...


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Destiny has brought you till here. Destiny only will lead you further.
Nothing happens without Destinyís Will, Then why fret about this LIFE? Why even bother?

::Random Quote
Tyranny of existence, it is!
What exist has no Will!!

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