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:: Poems: Too many people living inside me!!! (Philosophy)
Like a rose that has petals in clusters
I find trapped within me, many characters

One who wish to change Destiny,
One who thinks it can not be changed.
One who lives LIFE moment to moment
And one who wants whole of it to be arranged.

One is wise, yet seeks knowledge
One has learned a lot but still a fool.
One is at peace at all times
And other over wealth, would drool.

One who is brave to the very core of heart
And One who is a coward and hollow.
One who is a man of substance
And one who is mean and shallow.

One who can't see anything beyond self
And one who is known for his kindness.
One for whom everything is a laughing matter
And one who lives constantly in stress.

I wonder if any of these characters, is the real me?
Or does the real ME, even has a personality?
What was God thinking after all, I would like to know
When he decided to pollute my individuality?

I am a man without any clear traits.
Trying hard to make sense out of insanity.
Even in the moments of solitude, I often feel
There are too many people living inside me.

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