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:: Essays: God & Evil (Spirituality)
I am about to share with you a seemingly ordinary, everyday incident that took place just couple of days ago. So if you have come here expecting a good read then you have a chance to run away right now.

It is in every way, a very routine incident to happen in Mumbai and probably might not deserve an article to be written on it. But it has been bothering me a lot. My mind is prone to activity. If it doesn’t get anything to engage itself then it picks up such issues to harass me. Even right now I am being hammered by my mind over that incident. And the only way I could calm my mind down is to omit the thoughts on the paper. I had a choice to let my mind hammer me or let my words harass you. Predictably, I chose the later one.

So here we are. The incident took place couple of days ago. I work in Andheri (Mumbai) and I travel by train. Since I travel in a first class there are always enough seats available to sit and I usually do that. But couple of days ago I had an urge to leave my seat and stand by the door. My train halted at Khar Station and since I was at the door I just casually looked around till my eyes got fixed on Mel Gibson’s directorial debut (if I am not wrong) – ‘The Passion of the Christ’. I had seen a review about it on TV, so I was aware of it. I wondered what made Mel Gibson to come out with such a movie, given the fact that most of his movies were not so religious. I was still engaged in my thoughts but my eyes continued to wander. It didn’t have to travel much, as very next to the poster of ‘The Passion of the Christ’, there was another poster of yet another Hollywood movie and the movie was – ‘HellBoy’. Yes! That’s the incident I am referring to.

Now, if you are thinking what so great about that, well didn’t I warn you before? Anyway, Why Am I talking about it? Because, I find it strange. I just can’t discard the fact that it could be a sheer coincidence. My mind has gone through a lot of debate over this and I am going to share with you an excerpt of that conversation, which I had with my mind.

It started somewhat like this...
It’s not coincidence. It was all planned. All is a part of the divine plan. It just can’t be coincidence.

This poster work is done by an uneducated local boy who just has one concern in his whole life – How to earn the next days bread and of course, liquor? He wouldn’t have by any chance, planned to place the two posters next to each other and thereby giving out such a powerful spiritual message.

Above him, is the local Supervisor, again not very much literate? The concern for him also is more or less the same as the poster boy? Besides, given the enormous amount of advertising happening on these stations, it is just not possible to be choosy about the location. The Supervisor would just about take any vacant place to display his client’s AD. So even this possibility is ruled out. The supervisor wouldn’t have done that on purpose either.

Next in the chain, is the sophisticated Planner cum Manager from the AD Agencies? Now, this guy possibly doesn’t even look into the location issue. His doesn’t focus at the execution level. His concern is more for the client orders. He is constantly behind money and such a person always remains an alien to spirituality and philosophy. Hence he too is ruled out.

And any person above this level in this chain just can’t be credited for this incident. The final person in the chain is our very own Hollywood star Mel Gibson. Now, about him, I am sure, he might not even be aware of Andheri, leave aside Khar station. So this couldn’t be his plan either. Besides he would be too busy gathering compliments for his outstanding performance, which in his case comes out in every movie. And whatever time he might have to spare, he probably would be spending it in church, praying that the Christ earns his OSCAR this year.

Finally, when no human is involved in a particular happening or perhaps no one is willing to take the responsibility, the blame, by tendency has to be put up on GOD. I will be doing the same in this case. And it does make sense too. You might still call it - a coincidence that waited over a year to happen, but I prefer to call it – part of the Divine Plan that had a purpose, to give out a lesson to whoever is willing to receive.

Think about it...
Mel Gibson might have conceived first that a movie has to be made on Christ. Then he might have shared the idea with his trusted people who might have helped him to decide about directing the movie. And a movie like this might have taken more than a year to complete. And then it comes all the way from Hollywood to land of Hollywood followers (I mean Bollywood) and is released here. And just about the same time there is another movie, which is dedicated to EVIL (Christ’s counterpart). As in most Hollywood Horror movies, the EVIL prevails in the end. Two different movies with two different themes that are poles apart form each other are released and shown together. One preaches the path of righteousness and other gives you the taste of the EVIL power.

I wonder which poster was put up first. Did EVIL followed GOD, which is bad because it suggests that EVIL cannot be stopped even by GOD or Did GOD arrived first before EVIL could reach, which is good as it tells us GOD will always be there to protect us.

In either case, as I see it, it can be believed that at any given time, at any given place, both GOD and EVIL coexist together. That means even if we choose to follow GOD, we are never far away form EVIL and vice versa. That makes it worse for us. As it is, our life is a mess. On top of it, we don’t have a place where only GOD would be available. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter who you are – you just can’t skip this situation.

Throughout your life, without exception, you will find GOD and EVIL coexisting together. They may come before you in different forms persuading you to follow them. It would be very hard to figure out who is who, especially when they are disguised. There is however, a guide map that if you remember would help you differentiate between GOD and EVIL. GOD is the epitome of righteousness and EVIL the exact opposite of GOD. So if at any point of time, you feel you have behaved sensible and responsibly, you can safely assume you have followed GOD, but if you gave in to temptation and did something your own self doesn’t approve of, then it is the path of the EVIL that you have chosen.

I believe that’s the lesson – to make the choice as to whom we are going to follow. Are we going to follow GOD and reside in Heaven or be a HellBoy and end up in Hell?

I will leave you alone now so that you can ponder over it for some while. But beware; if your mind is distracting you, this very moment, towards some other thought then you know where you are heading.

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