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:: Essays: GOD is Stupid! (Humor)
The Atheists wouldn't mind, my saying this as they don't believe in the existence of GOD. And even if they do, they don't worship HIM (for the sake of conversation let IT be HIM). But the rest would definitely be wondering who is this stupid who is calling GOD Stupid. Well I am your GOD's most stupid creation.

Now, why do I say GOD is stupid? The fact that I can write says that I am literate and every literate person is bound to be sensible (at least a bit). Of course! I am sensible person and I have reasons to call GOD stupid.

Let's see if my reasons make any sense.

The age old Holy Scriptures, saints, and even the recent new age spiritual teachers have constantly been advocating about non-duality of the universe. It's been said infinite times in infinite ways that this universe is a mere play that GOD has created and there is nothing more to it. Nothing we do has a reason or a purpose. All that is in and around us is merely an ILLUSION, a MAYA, and COSMIC DANCE. It is everything but reality, i.e. NOTHING.
That means for ages, this dance is going on and for ages it might go on. Now, who would dance for so long, for no apparent reason at all, except for a STUPID?
[Doesn’t that sound stupid?]

Not only that, HE has crossed all limits of sanity to create this insane concept called UNIVERSE. First of all HE creates the living & non-living beings (lets not venture into how HE might have created them), then HE makes them go through a series of illusory experiences called LIFE and then finally one day HE decides to destroy them. Then again he repeats the same process of creation, experiences, destruction. And this has been going on since ADAM & EVE.
[GOD knows what pleasure HE is getting out of all this. HE ought to be stupid.]

As if all this was not enough, HE creates a yet another illusion about HIS own Existence and creates two groups consisting of believers and non-believers. Through one group, HE praises HIMSELF and through the other, HE criticizes HIMSELF. HE makes them fight over HIMSELF, both HIS own creation, one praising HIM and one cursing HIM. And HE is smiling both of them.
[I think Stupid is not the right word for HIM, HE is INSANE]

I can’t understand why HE has to do so many infinite things for nothing; I mean no purpose at all. There is no universe, no planet, no life-forms, no births, no deaths and no anything that appears to exist.

Imagine the height of futility of HIS efforts – this entire article is saying nothing, but HE has made me write it and made you read it. A sheer waste of my time as well as yours. Again time is an illusion. See the futility of the whole thing. We humans are HIS most beautiful creation (what’s the harm in saying that? As only we humans can talk, no one’s gonna raise any objection.) And he has trapped us in a never-endings mesh of traps. An Illusion to top an Illusion and at the end of all this (which would also be the beginning) HE stands HIMSELF – ONE BIG ILLUSION.
[I now rest my case!]

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