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:: Poems: Tribute To Manhood (Humor)
How a Man sees a Woman
Is hard for a woman to perceive
Man sees woman, more precious than life
And this, no woman will ever believe

Take a piece of a man's heart
Special place for woman, you'll find
It's because of man's undying love
That God said - "Love Is Blind!"

Who else can love a woman?
In spite of all that she is
Cribbing and weaning, like a worn-out radio
Buzzing and nagging, like bees

Sit next to a woman and listen to her
Half the world, You will Hate
But She won't stop just at that
She will blame, even God and Fate

Give her all you have
She'll still ask for more
She'll doubt you till your last breathe
No matter how much you adore

"I'll love you the way you are!"
That's what she often says
Then she tries her crocodile tricks
To make you change your ways

You, Dear Man, are God's first creation
Then he terribly went wrong somewhere
It was an error, he couldn't undo
So he asked you to take care

So love a woman, as she is
As if She's your pathway to heaven
For You are, God's noblest creation
For You, He prefers to hear - "Amen"

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