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:: Poems: For the Love of a Woman (Love / Romance)
How far would you go?
Will you travel beyond the zone you know?
Will you be willing to do more than you can?
All for the Love of a Woman.

I sought after love for years
Ages spent in smiles and tears
Gripping my temptations, as much as I can
I waited for my woman, like an honest man

Mansion I couldn't, so I build a home.
Took me more time than it took for ROME.
Couldn't fill it with anything, but somehow
I filled it with all that I had - LOVE.

Then one day, I saw her across the street.
Watched her with shaky heart and trembling feet.
Finally I gathered as much courage as I could
Went over to her to say what I felt I should

She smiled and turned me down
My smile turned into a frown
I returned quietly though my heart wanted to scream
I went home with a broken heart and a shattered dream

Then I realized it was my destiny
Love was never meant for me
So for years, I nursed my wounded heart
But never thought of a fresh start.

I have now reached the final state.
I am still without a soul-mate
Even today I am a lonely man
All for the love of a woman.

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