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:: Author's Note

The 'real' Me is Unexplainable!
The 'other' Me is not worth talking about!!

I would like to site an example of a ‘school’ before getting to the point I am trying to clarify here. I presume, you would agree with me that a ‘school’ is a place where students come from different backgrounds to learn. Each is there to learn and pass a test. That is the purpose of being in school.

Students are of different nature. Some fall into the ‘Intelligent’ category, who device there own technique to score in the test. Some fall into the ‘Sincere’ category, who try to compensate for their lack of intelligence by working hard on their study. Then there are students belonging to the ‘Smart’ category, who have their own way getting through the test without putting in much effort. And there are also students often called the ‘Black listed’, who simply don’t care about the test. All these have different attitudes and different learning style. But whether or not they are willing to attend the test, whether or not they are prepared for it, each one has to appear for the test. Being in a school, it is inevitable.

Similarly, This world is a school and we are here to learn the lessons of life and appear for the final test. How we perform in this test is what going to decide if we have to appear for the test again or if we are freed from it forever. If we pass we move ahead and finally get out of the loop of learning and giving tests, but if we fail we have to go through the same ordeal time and again.

I see Life as a test and I wish to pass this test. But I don’t belong to the ‘Intelligent’ category. I am more of a 'Sincere' student willing to compensate for the lack of intelligence by working hard on my study. I belong to the category of students, who skip sports and any other mode of recreation in order to prepare for the exams, who are ready to make thousands pages of notes in order to cram at the final moment or just hoping that perhaps writing would help them grasp the subject.

This site contains those notes that I have prepared for my better understanding. For me, there is a theme hidden in each one of these notes, may it be a simple love poem or may it be a fictional story or may it be a blunt philosophical essay. It is not a preaching or propaganda of any sort of achievement. Honestly, I haven’t achieved anything, and frankly, I don’t wish to. My goal is to simply clear the test of life.

I don’t claim to be a preacher or spiritually enlightened soul nor do I believe that I belong to an elite class of intelligent philosophers. I am just a student.

The only purpose of laying these notes open on the Internet is that I wish to share my efforts with others, who are interested in reading them. Perhaps, that is the reason, why I have put up this site. To share the notes with you all hoping together we can learn in a better way. Like in school, we borrow notes from one another; you may choose to consider these notes. But in no way can I ask you to accept them as the ultimate knowledge that you need to know to clear your test. My knowledge is just limited to the books I have read. Other than that, I am just my ignorant self. What you see here are the words from the books I have read, notes made up of the lessons learnt from the teachers of life.

I have learnt and accepted these lessons. But still I have long way to go. There is a big difference between discovering the truth and understanding the truth. I believe I have discovered it. Now I am waiting till the actual realization of the truth, dawns upon me. That day I would clear the test. Till then I will be a student doing his best to pass the test.

Still there is no ‘one’ way to pass the test. I have prepared these notes to suit my intellect. You may have prepared better notes than this. May be some of you don’t need to prepare notes. It is totally each one’s choice to decide upon the way of learning.

I don’t expect you to agree with any of these or all of these notes. To accept it or not is solely your choice and either way you are not wrong.

In peace,

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