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:: Acknowledgements

Mr. Gautam Sachdeva
For the wisdom I gained, by simply being in his presence. Mr. Gautam Sachdeva brought me closer to the Truth I was pursuing for over a decade. He is the CEO of Indiayogi, a company that is driven more by its mission than its business. My experience in Indiayogi led me to realize that Life is Bliss.

Shailesh Rao
For the idea that he shared with me. It was his vision and my blind-faith in him that led to the creation of this site. His guidance has always led me into the best phases of my life. To him I will be forever indebted.

Jayesh TJ
For his pain-staking efforts in proof-reading the content of this site and his brutally honest criticism. This site would have been full of grammatical as well as spelling errors, if not for him. Although he is a busy man, he tries his best to proof-read as many pages as possible.

Roshni Suvarna
For her selfless dedication towards the upbringing of this site. Incidentally I met Rosh, through this site and ever since then She has completely taken charge of the site's promotion. It's because of her well researched ideas and dedicated efforts, that the site's hit count has multiplied 3-fold.

Witt Wittmann
I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Witt from for teaching me the intricacies of poetry. She guided me to learn the art of poetry in much better way. Her wise comments helped me understand the errors in my poems and improve them.

Ritu Sharma (Radhika)
It happens very rarely that an absolute stranger seems to understand yourself just as good as you do. Radhika came along as one such stranger. Sometimes, we speak just for the sake of it... we already know what is going on in the mind of the other person.

It is a very comforting feeling to have some one like Radhika. Her contribution to this website may not be direct but she contributes magnanimously to my thought process, which this site is all about.

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