The Soul

I ain’t the Adam

But quite like him

Waking to a world

Devoid of humans


Then, none were born

Now, all seem dead

He witnessed Creation

I watched the ruins


Am plagued to walk

Amidst dazed corpses

Marred by a notion -

Of breathing pretence


Solitude for destiny

Shadow for company

Wandering through

This side of fence


It’s me and them

Two ends of wheel

Both trapped onto  

Pseudo confluence


Days gone in vain

Nights in horror

Troubled by fate

Curse of suspense


Either, they're alive

Or it’s me, alone

To call both same

Is a sheer offence  


Half a dozen senses

If, makes them alive

Then, devoid of any

Whence is my existence


-      Shunyatha

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