Sit with me, read my verses
Let me cast my spell on you
Share with me your feelings
Let me a while dwell on you

I'll dice my words, cheat your senses
Take away your little life story
Then add my charm and churn it out
That will get me more days of glory

Call me names, curse if you want
That won't take me away from fame
Your emotions may mean lot to you
For me it's just another silly game

It's not my fault, let me tell you
To me, your god was not kind
All he gave me with this life -
A shallow heart, a gifted mind

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Pradeep   [Jun 26, 2009 06:52 AM]:
Wah ustaad wah ... Apni angrezi itni solid nahi hai baap lekin kafiyaa ekdum jhakaas jodelaa hai bosss