Amidst the Deads of Kashi

A chance journey to holy Kashi

An unlikely trip to the Ghat

I watch the corpses in flames

Wonder where I lost my fire


In company of a master

Lurking behind seekers

I stand numb, amidst divinity.

Yet no sense of my, ‘entire’


Seekers drench in Ganga

Some meditate in peace

Few others chant mantras

I stand mute, amidst the choir


A seeker shudders beside

Another one, sparkles in joy

The crowd seeps into trance

I watch them all transpire


Alien amidst the 'living'

I look upon the corpses

Ah! Finally, I relate...

With those about to retire


The 'deads' are my kind

Dead I have ever been

Mere, a corpse in waiting

To be burnt upon its pyre



-      Shunyatha

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